I see life through a slightly different lens: a lens that projects views upside-down, inverted, flipped – whatever you can call weird and out of the ordinary! This view is reflected in all my projects; from concepts to actuals, you’ll see a streak of Moe’s Mania in every work!

I started my career in 2009 as a Color Expert at Jotun Paints (Syria) where I specialized in Client Communications and assisted in closing with the Sales & Marketing team. From helping families to aiding local craftsmen to advising budding artists, my foray into the corporate world started with Jotun and fanned the spark of creative arts that was ignited in my mind.

I joined Max Media (U.A.E.) in 2013 where I first received exposure to the corporate marketing scene in Dubai. While it was a short stint, I learned a lot about Digital and Social Media Marketing and aided through my photography skills.

I currently work as the Creative Lead at a home-grown marketing agency in Dubai, U.A.E (from 2015 to date), where I steer Creative Direction and Ideation, while also supporting as an illustration artist, graphic designer, and animator (as well as helping the account managers when they are short-handed!).

I was born in a small town of Western Syria called Al-Nabk in December of 1987. My father worked as a visual artist in an advertising agency as well as a calligraphy artist, first in Kuwait and then in Syria; my mother was a professional seamstress specializing in garments made of wool. As a child, I was almost always at my father’s workplace, exploring the different concepts and materials laid out in the art studios. At times I would accompany my mother to her shop and I would play with the brightly coloured spools of thread and wool hanging in the cabinets. My passion for creative concepts started from there – I remember gathering leftover materials from dad’s studio and mom’s shop and creating scenarios for my toy soldiers and plastic animals to star in!

Being the third in five children, I always had my siblings to fuel my creative fires. From making shadow animals during power outages to conceptualizing entire radio broadcasts (for characters evolved from our toys, of course!), my brother and sisters always had a creative contribution to build our little concepts.

At school, I decided to “be practical” and chose a field I thought would help me in later life to earn a stable livelihood. I earned my Bachelor’s in Business Administration (specializing in Marketing and Statistics) from the University of Kalamoon in 2013. My heart, however, always longed to be in a creative space, so I worked on my passion and developed skills fit for a Rockstar Graphic Designer.

Now, along with my day job, I moonlight as a comic artist by developing comics that are an outlet for my creativity!

I don’t want to toot my own horn but I am pretty amazing. Don’t believe me? Have a look at my skill sets and decide for yourself!

  • Movies: Amelie, Strawberries in the Supermarket, My Neighbour Totoro, The Land Before Time, The Castle in the Sky
  • Reading: Adunis, Mahmoud Darwish, Talal Haider, Al Hallaj, Rumi, Sylvia Plath, Charles Simic, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  • Music: Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Nina Simone, The Doors, Fairouz, 47Soul, Souad Massi
  • Photography 
  • Writing
  • Art

CONGRATULATIONS! You have reached the gateway to Creative Paradise!

I have many feathers in my cap, so I’ve broken it down for ease of access. Choose your path and enjoy the visual treats that await you!

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I have had the good fortune to have my talent recognised in (most of the) creative events I’ve attended. Here are a few events that I am proud to have been a part of!

  • 2020

Mastering The Composition –  Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA)

Mini masterclass 2020 social media & biz tactics – The fridge alserkal Avenue

  • 2019

Wild photography –  Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA)

Characters and Logo design exhibition – Syria

  • 2018

Creating Worlds and the Creatures Who Live Within Workshop – Tashkeel

Stop motion workshop – Sharjah Art foundation

  • 2016

Because We Care” Program – Sharjah International Airport

Smile! It’s Eid (MERAAS Social Media Campaign 2016) – conceptualization and execution

  • 2015

Art of Branding 2015 – I-GIVE Dubai

  • 2013

DSS Apprenticeship Program  (as a National Representative of Syria)

UOK Photography exhibition – University of Kalamoon


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