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Homepage - moeart

Welcome to a world of art, culture, life and laughter

Welcome to a world of art, culture, life and laughter.
Where rules are bent, broken & fit to suit a purpose that may or may not make sense.
Inspired by Dali, Picasso, Kahlo, Chagall & Braque, my style is reminiscent of Dadaism, Cubism, Surrealism & Abstract Art.
A place where the visual arts resonate with contemporary life – best taken with a pinch of salt and a healthy laugh!

Take a look inside Moe’s Mind!

*Disclaimer: Moe’s Logic has No Logic. Go forth with a light heart!

Mad About Moe

There’s only so much I can say about myself – here are what my friends and colleagues have to say about me!

Moe's Superpowers

I don’t mean to brag but I am pretty amazing. Don’t believe me? Hold on to your pants, read on and decide for yourself!

Making your imagination come to life, and move & groove across your screen

Common speech is a thing of the past. Let me introduce you to my casual dictionary and thesaurus of words I’ve made up on my own!

Inspired by real life and dispatched for free on Instagram page, everyone can relate to my short comics

Whether on current affairs, medieval literature or shower thoughts; I love writing and moulding my thoughts into a meter

While I love playing with elements and concepts on digital art media, I’m no novice when it comes to free-hand sketching and drawing

I’m a mad scientist when it comes to ideas. A pinch of laughter, a drop of empathy, a dash of my imaginary secret spice – these are just some of the ingredients that go into the old butter churn inside my head which produces the crazy ideas!

Who needs recipes to cook delicious food? Salt, pepper, and a little mental gymnastics is all I need to build my own dish!

Happiness and laughter are my weapons of choice for everyone I meet. You’ve been warned – I’ll tickle your funny bone because I believe laughter is the best!

I truly believe that to fully appreciate life, one must get his hands dirty. I’m no Michaelangelo, who saw an angel in marble and freed it. I see monsters dancing in my head and I shape them out of clay to share my “inner demons” for all to enjoy!

I love learning and exploring – new topics, fresh perspectives and uncharted territory. You have news? I want to know more!